Trade Research FAQ

Where can I find Pennsylvania companies that export?

How do I obtain credit information on a company in another country?

Where can I find US Trade Data?

Trade Stats Express via provides extensive statistical information on exports, imports, and the trade balance involving the United States. This information can range from the extensive whole world to the US, or it can be reduced to a country or geographic region in relation to the US. The data can also be reduced to certain years and NAICS codes.

Both export and import data can be found using this tool. It also provides export information for all US states. This export information can be done on a state by state basis to the world or to specific regions. Specific market information statistics can be found through NAICS code selection on the US level as well as the state level and can be limited to certain countries and regions.

Where can I find agricultural trade data?

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service provides information on agricultural data.

Where can I find a GDP by industry breakdown in the US?

BEA’s interactive data provides this information through GDP-by-industry accounts and input-output accounts.

Where can I find international transaction related data to and from the US?

BEA’s interactive data provides this information under their international data category and specifically international transactions subcategory.