Import Operations & Compliance Seminar

Imports into the U.S. continue to grow, even with the economic slowdown more companies are
sourcing goods and material from overseas markets. U.S. Customs and Border Protection have
increased their enforcement of import regulations. Are you fully compliant with these regulations
and are you managing your imports to ensure compliance and a profitable transaction? Learn
about the latest changes in import regulations, how to work with your suppliers to ensure proper
documentation and gain an understanding of concerns such as proper classification, marking
requirements, valuation, assists and more.

Considering the new increased duties being applied to imports from China and other countries
understanding of all aspects of import operations and compliance is critical.
This seminar is for those new to importing as well as the experienced importer.

Why You Should Attend

1.) Improve your import process
2.) Reduce costs
3.) Avoid fines and penalties
4.) How to avoid common errors
5.) Use your Customs Broker to your full advantage
6.) Advantages of ACE
7.) How to work with your suppliers and much more!

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone in your company who is responsible for purchasing and/or imports
  • Anyone who coordinates with your Customs Broker