Analysis of Southcentral PA Metro Area Exports

2022 Metropolitan Export Data

This report gives a snapshot of southcentral Pennsylvania’s export growth in 2022. Every year when the International Trade Administration releases their “Metropolitan Export Series” data, we summarize the information for our region. This provides a comprehensive analysis of where our region lies in relation to the rest of the State’s exports. The southcentral region of Pennsylvania encompasses seven Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), including Chambersburg-Waynesboro, Gettysburg, Harrisburg-Carlisle, Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading, and York-Hanover. These numbers are reported in millions of US dollars.


Southcentral PA Exports of Goods

Pre & Post Covid


Courtesy of ITA’s Metropolitan 

Export Series

2019 2022 National Rank
Adams County  $93.30 $89.00 359
Berks County $1,980.40 $2,096.00 112
Cumberland/Dauphin Cnty $2,400.80 $3,117.50 87
Franklin County $487.80 $705.50 200
Lancaster County $974.00 $859.40 182
Lebanon $347.30 $261.40 287
York County $2,475.00 $2,084.20 113
Southcentral Exports: $8,758.60 $9,213.00
Total PA Exports in 2022:  49.9 Billion
Southcentral’s 8 Counties’ Share:  18.5%


Adams County 2022

359th largest exporter


Lebanon County 2022

287th largest exporter


Franklin County 2022

200th largest exporter


Lancaster County 2022

182nd largest exporter


York County 2022

113th largest exporter

Berks County 2022

112th largest exporter

Cumberland/Dauphin County 2022

87th largest exporter

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