Analysis of Southcentral PA Metro Area Exports

2015 Metropolitan Export Data

This report gives a snapshot of southcentral Pennsylvania’s export growth in 2015. Every year when the International Trade Administration releases their “Metropolitan Export Series” data, we summarize the information for our region. This provides a comprehensive analysis of where our region lies in relation to the rest of the State’s exports. The southcentral region of Pennsylvania encompasses seven Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), including Chambersburg-Waynesboro, Gettysburg, Harrisburg-Carlisle, Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading, and York-Hanover.

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Key Findings
  • Since 2005, Pennsylvania’s overall merchandise export sales increased by 77%.
  • Since 2005, the Southcentral PA region’s export sales have increased by 159%.
  • The seven southcentral Pennsylvania metropolitan statistical areas grew their exports by $2.3 billion since 2010, reaching a total of $ 8.8 billion in 2015.
  • Additionally, the southcentral region’s share of total PA exports has increased steadily since 2012, ending with a 22.4% share in 2015.
  • The top five international export markets include Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, China and Japan.
  • Pennsylvania’s top five industries for export include chemicals,  transportation equipment, computers and electronics, machinery, and metals.
  • Pennsylvania remains the 10th largest exporting state with US$ 39.44 billion in merchandise exports.
  • Pennsylvania’s trade deficit decrease to US$40.3 billion in 2015, from US$42.8 billion in 2014.


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